The Mandella Effect

I’ve known about these Mandella Effect people (online) for a few months now. Yet another fucking religion is born! *sigh*
NLP folks will all be nodding their heads in amusement, as will magicians the world over. David Copperfield will be turning in his grave. Wait. Copperfield is alive? I could swear the Chinese Wall swallowed him up in the ’80s! Damn. I must have taken a bend in the space-time curvature too fast or something. :-/
Isn’t it interesting how the Internet gives us so much freedom and opportunity to grow as an intelligent species … yet at the same time, the ever misguided masses use it to to dumb themselves down, faster than ever.
Large numbers of people believing in something, despite facts or good reason, are perhaps the most dangerous threats to not only civilisation but to our very species. Surely no one could disagree with that.
Belief systems. Hell, we should remove the word, “belief” from the @#$! dictionary, as far as I’m concerned. The word, “hallucination” covers it better. Perhaps belief in the present is a requirement for sanity and a good thing, in the grand scheme of things. What is not good, is believing in our beliefs, despite all evidence — regardless of the dimension we got kicked into last night.
Logik for da wise!
P.S: Spread the word! Everyone needs to STOP USING AUTOMATIC WASHING MACHINES IMMEDIATELY! Every time one of those things hits a spin cycle, it creates another dimension-changing time vortex! If it weren’t for clothes dryers doing likewise at a tangent, we’d all be truly screwed. (I was the first one ever to figure this out, by the way. Just saying.)

Author: gruvin

Born anatomically male, of a largely uninteresting bipedal, carbon based species, during the ninth moon orbit of the one thousand, nine hundred and seventy first meaningfully recorded solar orbital cycle (according to Gregory) of a small blue planet, situated near the outer edge of a seemingly long forgotten galaxy, located at the precise centre of its universe. In short; — I am. Therefore, I am.

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