USB Traffic Meter Thingy (gMeter) Update

First working gMeter-MLF build

I’ve now completed two versions of the envisaged USB visual meter and alarm sounder device, both based on the ATmega88P MCU and as envisaged in my previous post. A photo of the smaller version is shown, right.

I have published the design files and firmware as free open source (GLP v3) at Google Code.

Below is an image of the same board, with the first 5 of 8 LEDs lit up.

gMeter-MLF lit
Showing the first 5 green and yellow LEDs lit up. The next three are orange (x2) and red.

The original version of the gMeter board is larger (at about 150% the size of the MLF version) and uses an easier-to-hand-solder (bigger) ATmega88P microcontroller chip. It also includes a 4-pin header to connect a commonly available Bluetooth module (currently not supported in any way by the published firmware) as well as four spare I/O pads for expanded use, should the user wish to wrangle with the firmware source code, to that end.

Original gMeter
The original, larger gMeter board, with Bluetooth header and four spare I/O pads.

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