ER9X-ala-gruvin has its Own Project Home

Wow. Looking back on those earlier posts about my ER9X hacks is kind of embarrassing now. But hey … that’s life. Always moving on, until it doesn’t!

My TH/ER9X hacking adventures have now launched off in whole new directions — including an open design project for a complete replacement main logic board for ‘9X radios. As of this writing, the first prototype PCB and components have been ordered, due to arrive for assembly very soon.

The gruvin9x project is currently focussing on Fr-Sky telemetry support and the afore mentioned prototype logic board. The latter is all about expanding the program capacity of the ATmega controller (upgrade to ATmega2561) and adding a fully functional MMC/SDCARD interface, with FAT32 file system support. This will be used to store model data and other stuff — like telemetry logs or even autopilot flight plans (much later). The fun has only just begun!

The whole project is now hosted at Google Code, under the vanity name gruvin9x — including the KiCAD open-source circuit diagrams and PCB design. Enjoy!

Once again, a BIG thanks to Thomas of TH9X, who got us started — and Erazz of ER9X, with all the followers and contributors there, who have added so much already. I haven’t had so much fun in years!

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